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Let make it easy to connect to black owned

Black business puzzle

For to long black people have been supporting other business owners apart from their own.We are in a state of crisis if we don,t start getting over the mental boundaries which been placed upon by are colonizers.If their one thing you do today try and make an effort to support another black person in any…


Black United help black people become an economic power house and buy from black owned businesses. — Read on

Imagine if Versace was a Blackman would you buy from him?

One day we’ll be buying from black owned stores   In the past battling and blurring institutional bigotry was the fundamental job that needs to be done, and blacks of my age owe an obligation of appreciation to the individuals who did it; our agreeable lives would be unimaginable without their endeavours. Today, however, these…

Black brothers doing big things

  2 brothers from South London Shaun & Craig McAnuff, taught how to cook Caribbean food by their Jamaican Mother and Grandma growing up, have developed their passion into a popular online platform ‘Original Flava’ teaching people how to cook Caribbean food in 1 minute videos. Their debut Caribbean cookbook is filled with over 70…